Monday, February 4, 2013

Top 5 resources to find free online courses to learn almost any subject

We live in an age of information; we have enormous amounts of information a click away from us. In this age, anyone who wishes to learn a new skill, he can, anywhere and at anytime he finds suitable. Internet is full of articles, blogposts and other types of written material, but if you need some guidance in your way to learning, you will find these below mentioned online resources very helpful. 

Below mentioned resources are the best internet resources to find free online courses. learn new skills, subject, language, codes, recipes or history through lessons and videos created by professional instructors from all around the world. 

Khan Academy:

Khan academy is one of the most prominent resources online, helping millions to learn and excel in their academics. Khan academy offers a variety of subjects and topics with authentic lessons. You can filter through almost 4000 lesson videos to easily understand any subject that you may desire.
This resource also offers practicing lessons for you to polish your newly learned skills.

This is another free online resource with very wide range of online courses. Just browse through thousands of courses and select from the interesting courses and sign up for the upcoming classes for that specific course and then just be there at the specified time.
Coursera is affiliated with many reputed universities and most of the courses are offered by professional instructors. Certain courses require pre-course knowledge, but it is notified in the course summary if any basic knowledge is required.

This resource is a connecting agent between thousands of teachers and students. The resource has a database of students and teachers from all around the world. Search a teacher that specializes in your subject of interest. The sign up is free.
Apart from the teachers, this online resource has a treasure of around 28000 tutorial to learn from.


This is an interesting online learning resource focusing on languages and arts. It does offer many other lessons as well. If you are more inclined towards history, arts and language; you will find this resource very useful.
Memrise offers a very interesting range of topic. Even if you just scribble through the topics you will find many worth a try.


Skillshare is more of a practical learning resource, unlike the above, where the basic goal was academics. At skill share, hundreds of people have shared their skills, recipes, knowledge and tutorials. The topics range mostly around investment, recipes, and other personal skills mostly.
Search Through the tutorials and you might find something worth adding to your skill set.


 Learn all you can with these amazing resources at your hand. 

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